Diamond Pack LED Lighting

Make your Classic Jukebox shine even more brightly with our LED lighting system.


To really make your jukebox light up in a blaze of glory, you'll want the Diamond Pack lighting option. Our bespoke low heat and low watt system uses the latest programmable LED technology and lets you create a custom lightshow to suit any mood. Music has never been so colourful!

The Diamond Pack lighting system is available on all new jukeboxes and really must be seen to be believed. Why not make an appointment at our Leeds showroom to see it in action?

As well as custom colours you'll have preset lighting patterns at your fingertips, including:

Antique: the classic look, with a rotating colour scheme in the side pilasters that replicates the original 1940s jukeboxes.
XI: a modern look for the iPod age featuring dramatic fades between soft blues, pinks and greens to dynamic deep purples and reds.
Disco Lightshow: the party setting! Enjoy a spellbinding display as the entire cabinet pulses in time to your chosen music.

Price: € 750.00