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Coax 70.2

Front runner.
The front runner, the Coax 70.2 is just over a metre tall. The floor-standing loudspeaker in C form has a captivating sleek design, perfect for the living room, while its strengths lie in its temperament and dynamics. Down to 26 Hz and up to 50 kHz, crystal clear sound and voluminous bass performance together ensure an impressive audio experience.

No edges and corners.

The C2 coaxial ribbon system, two dynamic MOM bass chassis and the bitumen dampened aluminium cabinet provide an impressive sound. The cabinet is particularly rigid, which guarantees the absence of any resonance.

n their thousands...

The Coax 70.2 and its predecessor models are located in thousands of living rooms, studios, offices, colleges, exhibition centres, etc. and their beautiful sound has given pleasure over many years, nota bene at the highest level.

Technical Data

Recommended amplifier output 20 - 250 Watt
Sensitivity 92 db/W/m
Impedance 4 ohms
Frequency range 26 Hz - 50 kHz
Dimensions (H x W x D) 102 x 26 x 33 cm
Weight 41 kg

Design principle 3-way-system floor-standing loudspeaker
Equipment 2 18 cm MOM® bass 1 C2 coaxial ribbon
Connection Bi-Wiring / WBT
Designs Silver anodised aluminium, black anodised aluminium, white varnish

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