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Classic 80.2

The Classic Star 80.2
In the same way as every star conductor has his own style that determines his reputation and recognition, a loudspeaker also has its particular sound properties and features based on the technology used. The Classic 80.2 model with the large coax is an extraordinary loudspeaker that reproduces any musical style with verve and precision. A star! The Classic Line, with its forward sloping top section, baffle and top section in a ‘Napalette’ covering, is a welcome change ‘from the world of rectangular box loudspeakers, and is breaking new ground in terms of attractive design.

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From X to Y to Z

The Classic 80.2 comes with the large coaxial ribbon system in which the tweeter and midrange are on exactly the same plane and have exactly the same center on the X, Y and Z axes – guaranteeing simultaneous and clear sound reproduction for every single note.

Three Eyecatching Designs

Either in a piano white or black finish or in exclusive high gloss Macassar, all three cabinet designs offer outstanding elegance. Which one is your favorite?

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