If the truth be told, nearly all “home theater” products are merely “home audio” products renamed for marketing purposes. However, there is a fundamental flaw in attempting to reproduce the theater sound with this approach, home audio loudspeakers and electronics are based on technologies that were never intended for Cinema reproduction. Compressed dynamics, limited volume levels, and driver failure are but a few of the issues resulting from this technology mismatch. The fact is, today’s “home theater” products fall far short of creating anything close to the commercial cinema experience.
Based on proven technologies perfected in commercial cinema installations, PRO products offer a unique alternative to the many problems associated with using conventional loudspeaker designs for home theater applications. Each loudspeaker is designed and built using professional audio technology to deliver the big sound we’ve come to expect from motion picture soundtracks, while also offering bullet-proof design to insure many years of continued operation.
Finally there is a loudspeaker option that can deliver the visceral sensation of today’s digital motion picture soundtracks without risk of damage or total product failure. PRO is proud to offer a unique line of professional-grade loudspeakers using advanced DSP to elevate the stature of “home theater” to that of “Cinema” for the home. For the first time, the big, dynamic, and exciting sound of the best commercial cinema can be experienced at home.


The foundation of every great Cinema system rests in its ability to reproduce the visceral impact of low frequency effects. At the commercial theater, heart-pounding “slam” brings a sense of scale and heightened level of believability to the numerous special effects contained in today’s motion pictures. To produce these impressive effects, the commercial cinema relies on huge banks of subwoofers, each employing large professional-grade drivers powered by massive motor systems and high powered amplifiers.
Unfortunately, even the finest home audio subwoofers are not up to the task of reproducing the low frequency content of today’s movie soundtracks with any sense of believability. These units are typically built with components using much smaller diaphragms, magnets, and voice coils than those found in commercial settings. The resulting bass is sluggish and boomy in nature, lacking the visceral impact that defines the Cinema sound, while also becoming intrusive to the articulation of detail and vocal clarity of the system.
To resolve these issues, PRO subwoofers are engineered to a much higher standard. Utilizing professional components, high power amplifiers, and advanced DSP technology sourced from the commercial theater industry, each sub is fully capable of reproducing low frequency effects with the same visceral impact and clarity found at the finest state-of-the-art Cinema complex.


One need only read the audio magazines to learn of the problems inherent in speaker / amplifier matching. Again and again amplifiers are swapped to alleviate brightness, muddy bass, congested midrange, etc. In spite of the technical merit of even the most expensive amplifiers, achieving sonic nirvana on any given speaker using this method is simply the luck of the draw.
PRO has applied systematic engineering to the amplifier / speaker conundrum to eliminate the guesswork and guarantee a consistent, repeatable, high-performance result. In keeping with our “systems approach,” the performance of each loudspeaker is optimized via DSP while listening through a PMA amplifier as a critical component of the signal path. Using this methodology, precise adjustment of the end result is achieved, removing all nonlinearity of the speaker system or amplifier coloration in the process.
Every PRO cinema benefits from voice matched loudspeakers, seamlessly blended subs, and DSP optimized system performance with the amplifier muscle to achieve believable results.
Constructing a state-of-the-art “Home Cinema” is as easy as assembling the appropriate selection of PRO loudspeakers and amplifiers. Each model has been engineered to work as part of a team, painstakingly voiced to a collective level of accuracy, thus insuring a unified all-encompassing soundfield… just as the director intended.