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The Greatest Custom Cinemas in Europe!

Using the greatest craftsmen in conjunction with our technical expertise,we can create the Cinema of your dreams!

..Even the creation of a Themed Cinema is possible from Projectiondreams,the masters of Cinema in Europe.

Whether a 50s Diner,Gentlemens Club or an Alien spaceship one constant is the performance and the thousands of hours of pleasure you will enjoy!

Below you will find a few tasters of the different environments we have created-

"let us fuel your imagination and make your dreams a reality"

Vincent Myers M.D.  

The Miami Vice Cinema.
The Miami Vice Cinema.

The Stargate Project

The brief from the client was..A sense of mystery and movement,a mixture of Sci Fi and ancient civilisations..


The Stargate Cinema mixing ancient Egypt,Science Fiction and a sense of mystery!
The Stargate Cinema mixing ancient Egypt,Science Fiction and a sense of mystery!

The Journey begins!

The Stargate cinema was born,from conceptual design to authenticity and accuracy of key elements, the goal was to ensure that everything was a feast for the eyes aesthetically, and a feast for the eyes and ears visually and aurally.

References were thousands of images of Egypt-of the Stargate with personal knowledge of Egyptian architechture and history also being important as our M.D. has a very good knowledge of Ancient architecture-specifically Mayan,Summerian and Egyptian.

The Foundations

As a cinema built on Cinema Pedigree principles that encapsulate not only THX and ISF integrity and values,but also adherance to total synergy of correct kit,the skill was to blend both together but avoid that *theme park* look ..

Subtelty was key,unison of lighting,motorization and accuracy of the *Stargate*,sequential planning of the systems operation was paramount..The Egyptian concept of as above,so below was incorporated by a star pit that the front seats will *float* in,echoing the fiber optic star ceiling,the star mural to look beautiful on or off..mysterious blue accent lighting was chosen to illuminate the side columns,rear panel and front pillars...

The sand coloured suede panels have been hand stitched together to resemble the ancient blockwork of Karnak temple in Egypt.
All columns are real stone not plasterboard,aged and treated with a special sandstone mix.

The hieroglyphic panels conceal equipment and have been sand filled to increase the weight to give an authentic stone feel and finish..

The maroon colour is also taken from the Egyptian maroon colour and mixed to be as close as possible...the front lights little black searchlights at the front of the columns fire up from the star pit and bathe the columns in eerie blue light...reminiscent of the Karnak light show!

Seating is 7 custom built maroon-highest grade soft leather electronic recliners..

At Projectiondreams we never use the Faux leather seats offered by other companies.

Acoustic Panels and Preparations have been designed to reduce decibel level by 85% from listening outside the cinema.

At Projectiondreams our panels are specially crafted to ensure a level playing field for the Audio.  

Six sets of measurements were taken at different points to ensure final Audio clarity. The Screenwall was an actual THX baffle wall construct to minimise vibrations and ensure stray sound waves were directed backwards resulting in pure dialogue audio from behind the acoustic screen.

The Equipment & Control

The kit includes a Sony VPL VW95ES 3d projector with "Expert Setup" ,9ft wide 2.35.1 aspect curved 3d acoustic screen,a Cinema Pedigree media server and blu ray player,Klipsch THX Ultra 2  sound system and Onkyo 5009 amp and processor...the speaker setup is 9.1 channels.. all operable from a customised IPAD2 with custom star screens ..

Press movie on...and the star ceiling activates,moves to the designated position ..the abyss in the center opens,side blue lights come on and the system defaults to the movie server to choose the movie you want to watch...

The Starscape ceiling

By the famous muralist Mariano Diano,probably the greatest ever Starscape ceiling painted in a domestic Install..multiple coats of Lacquer and different shading combine to create a mysterious 3d effect..

The Stargate Video

Nothing can prepare you for the actual Cinema but this Video gives a sense of the mysterious atmosphere we created!

Hover over the Video picture to raise the Cinema lights!

The Stargate Cinema

Other Projects-Intelligent Home

Intelligent Home Project Journey

A more futuristic & clean look for the Audio Video element of this large project!
A more futuristic & clean look for the Audio Video element of this large project!

Other Projects-Matrix Cinema

Matrix Cinema Project Journey

With a red fibre optic grid built into the walls this was the first fully circular Cinema in EUROPE.
With a red fibre optic grid built into the walls this was the first fully circular Cinema in EUROPE.
The Gucci Cinema,using the highest quality Cherrywood and leathers the aesthetic required was the feel of a high end yacht/Gentlemens club.
The Gucci Cinema,using the highest quality Cherrywood and leathers the aesthetic required was the feel of a high end yacht/Gentlemens club.


The Gucci 2 Cinema Project Journey

The Miami Vice Cinema Project Journey

The Hollywood Image Cinema Project Journey

The Cologne Cinema Project Journey

The Bentley Cinema  Project Journey

The Entertainment Basement Project Journey

The Sapphire and Steel Cinema/ Basement Project Journey

The Cine Lounge Project Journey-World First!

The Casa Atlantis Renovation Project Journey

The Gucci Three Cinema Project Journey

The Palace Cinema Project Journey

The Roxy Cinema Project Journey

The Simplicity Cine Lounge Project Journey

The Paramount Movie Theater Project Journey

The Immersive 360 Cinema Project Journey


Image Quality is everything,Cinema360 Expert Setup combines THX & ISF ideology and most importantly-many years of commerical and consumer setup.To date Projectiondreams have setup over 500 projectors and countless T.V. displays-we truly understand the different technologies and whats required to achieve a great picture.

Vincent Myers our M.D. is recognized as one of the best setup/calibration men in the world.

This makes a HUGE difference to the finished results,its common practice for many companies to send one of their chaps on a  2/3 days course then tout that they understand setup whilst waiving their "certificate"-of course this is absolute nonsense..

Vincent Says.."Understanding the basics of setup takes hours,being able to produce a great picture takes years of practice-after almost 40 years associated with setup and over 15 in the consumer market-it has taken me this long to perfect techniques,I am very proud of my qualifications but looking back consider them the foundation of my knowledge only-Cinema360 expert Setup is a far different level again".

The Picture Quality our customers can expect!

The Image Quality possible from Vincent Myers of Projectiondreams!
The Image Quality possible from Vincent Myers of Projectiondreams!

Our Almancil Showrooms

Though the largest occupied Audio Video Showrooms in the Algarve,its quality not quantity that counts-situated conveniently in the best location in Almancil,we believe in showing our customers the quality apparent in all that we do,we show you in the luxury of our surroundings for that more intimate and private experience-we will do the demo for you when it suits you.
Though we have many show house`s we could use as examples of our work,we don`t like to do this- our clients privacy is paramount-precisely why we have the showrooms to show you whats possible for your home-showing you somebody else`s is pointless really as each cinema is unique.
A few lazy companies with inadequate demonstration facilities or none at all favour the "show house" approach-we do not.

We have a passion for what we do and want to show that in every aspect of our operation-we go that extra mile,customers can see this and after they have dealt with us they will know this.
Our reputation has been gained over many years and we are proud of that,we will never lose the passion in favour of the corporate.
For us its about creating great Audio Video Environments and forever pushing the boundary of whats possible!

The Best Showrooms in Portugal!

Now upgraded to Dolby Atmos/DTS X and Auro 3D!

Our Almancil  Dolby Atmos Cinema in the Central Algarve.
Our Almancil Dolby Atmos Cinema in the Central Algarve.

Our Cabanas Showrooms

For all our East Algarve clients,old & new!!...Showing our new IPTV solutions,Home Automation,Security Solutions,4K displays from Sony Pro,Electronic blinds,Media Servers,Custom Furniture,Multi Room Audio and much more!

Fantastic Showroom..Fantastic Systems!
Fantastic Showroom..Fantastic Systems!

Projectiondreams & Kipnis Studios

maxresdefault  thumbTHE GREATEST VALIDATION!

"Vince's tireless work at Projection Dreams has yielded countless home theaters around the world that offer superior picture and sound, and any other feature you might require. His ability to provide customers with a turn key resource in Home Theater design and integration makes him a first choice whenever such a project is up for consideration!"
Jeremy Kipnis.

Kipnis’s long list of testimonials from avid listeners and viewers speaks for itself.  Steve Guttenberg (Home Theater Magazine, CNET, Stereophile, The Absolute Sound, The Robb Report, Engadget and A/V Interiors, and a projectionist for Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola) states “ I thought I had seen and heard everything, but nothing comes close to this!”

And Academy Award winning film resortation producer, Robert Harris (Godfather, Rear Window, Spartacus, Vertigo) uses Kipnis Studios to evaluate the quality of his work,  “The facililty is World Class — a Screening Room that itself defines the “Standards” for our industry!



“After dealing with Projection Dreams previously, I decided to make better use of one of the rooms in my house and went to the Luz showroom to see what they suggested.

I was given a cinema demonstration which took my breath away and decided on the spot to have one. The sound was incredible and I could see myself relaxing in the sumptous cinema chairs, watching one of my favourite films, Top Gun.

I could not have imagined the incredible attention to detail and workmanship from the Projection Dreams team who managed to get 9 beautiful leather chairs into the space I gave them.

The first time I put on Top Gun was like being in a cinema plex. The jet planes flying overhead, truly sounded like you were in the film. Talk about an experience.

A truly remarkable transformation that has re-ignted my love of good films in a room which is a mix of stylish high-end yacht and a Bentley. I am truly blown away with the professionalism of Projection Dreams, their team and the final result and would recommend anyone with space, to do the same.”

SD..Western Algarve

"I was looking for ideas for our house basement and by chance called into Projection Dreams in Praia da Luz. Well, you can always dream.

I was sold after seeing the cinema room in their showroom and experiencing their friendliness and willingness to help. It blew me away.

But what a challenge. So much choice, how do you decide? High end audio, screen technology, latest products, cabling, network, furnishings, installation...  It's a daunting task.

Mark and David helped to clear the air. Their expertise and most importantly their planning and technical skills helped shape the layout of our basement into an amazing entertainment and separate cinema room. They covered everything, from the sofa (made in the north of Portugal), to the coolest of all pool tables, to the carpet, the wallpaper and of course the key products that make it all come together - the audio high end system.

Nothing is out of the question for Projection Dreams."

AH Western Algarve

"Highly recommended. Beautiful showroom, high quality products, good advice, kept us informed about the order status, flawless installation at home."

FU Eastern Algarve

"Dear Vince,
We're immensely proud of our finished studio, and hugely grateful for your invaluable advice and guidance. Thanks once again for being so patient and professional.
If you ever happen to be passing Poland Street please feel free to drop by and pay us a visit."
Kind Regards
Penny Hull (Picture Production Company) U.K.

"Projection Dreams worked with us on a project in our villa in Portugal. The basement which was storage and garaging was an enormous faceless concrete shell, crying out to be utilised. They worked with us in planning and creating a space that has transformed the villa. With their vision the space was split to create two games rooms, a kitchen, shower room and large TV room. The finish they achieved is of an exceptional standard and they were a pleasure to work with making sure we were part of the process even when we were in the UK. The final effect is a light, practical and modern living area. We would highly recommend them and only wish we had some more space to convert!"

MF & TF Central Algarve

"I met with Projection Dreams in October 2017 with a view to designing and installing a Cinema in my property. I also required a comprehensive music and surround sound system as well as state of the art Wifi. My point of contact in the company was David Ward and he was extremely professional and courteous in all his dealings with me. With the minimum of fuss and with frequent updates, PD installed a superb Cinema Room of exceptional aesthetic and technological quality and delivered on everything that I had requested. For anyone that is looking for a home entertainment solution in the Algarve, I would heartily recommend PD. They are serious operators."

RS Central Algarve

"Visiting a friend's home in the Algarve, we were blown away by the transformation of space in a home to a fabulous Cinema Room - it looked incredible but was also underpinned by perfect workmanship and the latest technology in order to deliver perfect viewing.

We had no hesitation when considering transforming space in our own home to engage Projection Dreams and had full confidence in the project after meeting David and Vincent. They proposed a number of options for our consideration - everything from the build side through to the cinema related issues and equipment (IT issues, cinema screen, perfect sound quality, illuminated ceiling, sound panels etc.).

Once we confirmed our Project, the Cinema Room was delivered on time, meeting all our specifications, and we were always met with expert opinion and courtesy by Projection Dreams. Our Cinema space is fantastic.

Without hesitation, we would advise you to visit Projection Dreams to engage their expertise".

LF & CF, Central Algarve

THX Professionals Onboard!
THX Professionals Onboard!