A Total Concept Of Audio Visual Excellence

Projection Dreams - Audio / Video Interiors are an ensemble of experts, able to exceed the most accurate Cinema or Audio Visual experience you have ever seen or heard.

From design to install, as CEDIA members, all Cinemas from Projection Dreams - Audio / Video Interiors, whether themed Cinemas, classic Cinemas or indeed any Audio Visual Environment, will be authentic to ISF video and THX audio standards. The aesthetic unique to the customer with a simplicity of operation unparalleled within the industry, due to our own proprietary integration and home automation solutions.

With 40 years of knowledge gained in both the Cinema and Hi-Fi worlds, including ARRI 35mm experience, to say we are enthusiasts is not enough, we are passionate about what we do.

In our custom installs we only use quality products with REAL movie pedigree, for example: M & K Sound speakers, Parasound Amplification and Datasat & Dirac Processing, used by Disney, Paramount, Lucasfilm, Warner Bros, Dts, 20th Century Fox, Sony, Universal and Dolby to mix audio tracks for the greatest Movies you have ever seen!

We also provide the highest quality projectors, including brands used in the latest 4K Digital Theaters, True 2.35.1 cinema aspect curved screens with Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, DTS X and THX ULTRA 2 audio brands.

With our unique Cinema Pedigree ideology, we have gone far beyond other custom Install companies.

Cinema Pedigree delivers total synergy of the completed Cinema or Audio Visual environment, be it Entertainment room / Media room / Games room or outdoor cinema, with an ideology blending: 21st Century design / Synergistic Acoustics and accurate product mix & setup.

Included resident specialists and partners proficient in Acoustics, Cabinetry, Animatronics, Lighting Solutions & Murals, further assure that ALL aspects of the project will not only exhude the highest quality & innovations but compliment the equipment perfectly and cost effectively.

Whether you are a Developer, Builder, Architect or private owner,we will push the boundaries of whats possible to provide you with the most thrilling Audio Visual presentation ever experienced!

We install our systems worldwide.