Cinema Pedigree

Cinema Pedigree

Cinema Pedigree is a unique blend of Audio Video- ensuring accuracy to the very best commercial Cinemas.

Cinema Pedigree is the total synergy of the following five elements.


1. CEDIA design

The most important thing in the creation of an Audio / Visual Environment is the conception of an accurate  technical design for the space.

This design – from the word go, must incorporate known Audio / Video principles regarding lighting control, viewing distance and equipment placement.



2. Acoustic Synergy

The perfect Audio / Video environment is one in which the equipment can function as intended without excessive reflections / echo or audio imbalance of any kind.

Using our own proprietory Acoustic preperations and expert audio setup,we ensure you hear the Movie how it was meant to be heard.

Our Dolby AtmosTHX Demo Cinema in Luz Western Algarve

3. Equipment Matching

It’s critical to ensure optimal performance.

Our experience ensures that we choose the correct amplifiers and Audio processors for the speakers, the correct screen for the projector and so on .

It is well known by Audio / Video specialists that there is a point at which performance can be considered optimum and after that, you may as well throw your money down the drain. Cinema Pedigree ensures you don’t waste money on very expensive speakers designed for a concert hall and not an average sized room. Projection DreamsAudio / Video Interiors will make the right recommendations for you with all of our suggestions being verifiable within the Cinematic or Hi-Fi arenas.

Projection DreamsAudio / Video Interiors know hugely expensive Hi-Fi speakers for example, that will never sound good for cinema and great cinema speakers that won’t sound good for Hi-Fi.

So the selection of the right equipment for the job is paramount and cost effective.

Every piece of equipment chosen by Projection DreamsAudio / Video Interiors will have real Motion picture video and Audio Pedigree.

Aurea speakers and Sony Pro laser projectors (used in ALL the top commercial cinemas worldwide) for example.

And of course, every link in the chain will be setup to perfection.


Aurea excllence in our Luz showroom!

Zulu Screenshot at 4K resolution,picture setup by Vincent Myers.
Zulu Screenshot at 4K resolutionpicture setup by Vincent Myers

4…Cinema Pedigree Expert Setup

After many years of experimentation, I believe the aim should be to create the most absorbing experience possible by correct use of sound & vision.

Following on from principles in part advocated by Jim Fosgate, I believe in a 360 degree sound field where ideally the room wouldn’t be square but round & the audio channels are calculated for the size of space from 6 channels to a 32 channel Dolby Atmos setup.

To not only replicate a great cinema,but to go beyond!

Jim Fosgate said:

“In real life, we’re used to hearing in a 360º sphere from all around us. Stereo is unnatural in that it is coming only from the front speakers.”

Now,few have a round room,so specific room *treatments can be applied to reduce what I call the “boxy sound” of a square room and to more closely emulate the sound characteristics of a circular room.

*At Projectiondreams we employ “simulated acoustic curvature” to create a curved environment.


In addition to this, movies are mixed fairly “bright” to take account of the fact that in commercial cinemas,the front L/R/C speakers are behind an accoustic screen.

This is the ideal placement for the front three speakers and ensures that the sounds come from where they were intended to come from on screen .(The brightness is slightly tamed by passing through the screen material. )

So, with speakers not behind a screen, soundtracks can sound too bright, behind a screen the sound is closer to how the original sound mix was intended-this is my preference and what I advocate for Cinema Pedigree systems.

After years of experimentation I have found the brands I consider perfect for Cinema Pedigree and Indeed perfectly suited to compliment movie sound mixes of today.

The screen of course should be IMAX ratio capable.

We custom build our screens for your room-just like in a commercial cinema and ensure that no zoom is employed on the projector setup and all resolution used..

Cinema Pedigree setups will calculate the best sized screen for your environment, the ideal seating position for maximum immersion in the movie and ensure that although the SMPTE (50 years old) cinema recommended standard was 12-16ft lamberts of brightness- to reflect back from the screen-, this was a film standard, more a technological limitation of the time as opposed to a realistic ideal for today.

In Commercial Digital Cinemas until recently,14-fl was the recommended brightness level for digital projection.

Cinema Pedigree projection will aim for a minimum of 31ft lamberts to achieve a bold, dynamic picture with a more accurate colour range and 35-45 in a non-dedicated environment.

(*For comparison, the Odeon Luxe in Leicester Square produces about 30ft lamberts.)

This precision is mandatory,and indeed-critical in maximising your setup.

The ability of the greatest equipment cannot be realised IF incorrectly setup .

We will blend the setup to your viewing preference-if just a dedicated movie room for example-our suggestions would be different than a sports based system-or maybe a system that is good for both for example.


A Cinema Pedigree setup tailors for your viewing preferences.

Cinema Pedigree is a concept that includes total synergy in all sound and vision aspects-a synergy that from conception to implementation,uses the best cinematic “knowns” –some of which before, have been too costly to replicate in the home.

Cinema Pedigree total ideology is the perfect Audio Visual *cake* blended by knowledge and correct setup throughout,your perfect Audio Video environment cannot be achieved by just one element of the above or even must be all encompassing and include all the above.

Over the last few years,we have seen a heavy dispensation towards overly expensive equipment being implemented without careful setup..We have seen 50k projectors so poorly setup,that a 10k projector from us,calibrated correctly,would thrash it in the picture stakes.

We have seen expensive Hi Fi speakers just plonked in a room-even center speakers placed on the floor-the aim in all instances it seems,has been to extract the most money possible from the customer with no care to correct setup,to convince that customer that JUST because the equipment is expensive it must be good.

People have been encouraged to think that a brand name in A.V. guarantees performance-and frankly,that’s nonsense without the expert setup.

Vincent Myers-creator of Cinema Pedigree says:-

“The upshot of the Cinema Pedigree ideology is,by way of example, that a 50k system well chosen,implemented and setup will easily outperform a poorly setup 75k system in both the Audio and Video arenas.”

Vincent Says..”Understanding the basics of setup takes hours,being able to produce a great picture takes years of practice-after almost 40 years associated with setup and over 20 in the consumer market-it has taken me this long to perfect techniques,I am very proud of my qualifications but looking back consider them the foundation of my knowledge only-Cinema Pedigree expert Setup is a far different level again”.

The Picture Quality our customers can expect!

Come and experience a Cinema Pedigree Cinema to THX standards with 9.2.2 channel Dolby Atmos/Auro 3d audio and 4k/3D projection onto a 2.35.1 ratio-3 meter curved screen at our showrooms in Almancil,Carvoeiro and Luz.

Zulu Screenshot at 4K resolution,picture setup by Vincent Myers.
South Pacific Screenshot at 4K resolutionpicture setup by Vincent Myers

Themed Blues room tuned for Blues music..
Themed Blues room tuned for Blues music

5…Specific Room Tuning

A rooms acoustics & layout-are incredibly important to convey the correct emotion of whats being listened to or watched.

Have you ever walked past a bar and heard live music? (*of course you have..)..its obvious its live music-and there is a very good reason for this.

Live music is uncompressed in the bass area specifically..recorded music is compressed and that compresses the bass down as well..So,IF a room is designed correctly you can “adjust” to compensate for the compression to replicate more a “real event”.

But we can go further…using the correct products and setup we can prepare a room for a clients specific tastes of music for example…a Jazz fan can have a room “tuned” for jazz and even have a specific memory setup on their controller…we can suggest the ideal equipment for Jazz..

We call this- S.P.R.-Specific Room Tuning..Within S.P.R we shall have Optimal Preferences..

So,for example,a customers preference may be that his Music Room is optimal for Jazz & Blues and has an intimate club sound and Feel..or his Entertainment room is optimal for gaming and has Immersive qualities..

At Projectiondreams we believe this to be the missing part of the perfect puzzle of Audio Video and are the first company in Europe to offer such tailoring.Regardless of what other Audio Video purveyors may tell you,there is no speaker or Amplifier that sounds great with ALL material-if there were-there would only be one speaker and one amplifier in the world for sale!

In the Hi Fi community it`s long been known that equipment matching is critical to get a great sound..knowledge has always ensured that a clients musical preferences are catered for and the right
equipment suggested…

..And different speaker technologies sound different..Horn speakers are very dynamic-that`s why they are used in all the top cinemas..Electrostatics can be very detailed..Ribbons expansive…and so on..

It is a fool that only touts one speakers and touts as great for everything.. (*and a bigger fool that believes it..) or indeed suggests the wrong speakers for the “application”….

The same applies with a listening room ..NOBODY has yet succeeded in building a consumer room that sounds optimal for Rock,Jazz,Blues,Orchestral and so on…yes,you can get decent all rounders
at the highest price points-but its still a compromise..and we think,optimal beats compromise any day of the week…:-)

“Would Pavarotti sound right in a jazz club? Would a symphony sound good in a basement?
What do you want your room to do?”
Quote:- Clint Deboeur.

Just tell us and let the S.P.R. Process create the perfect environment for your Movie and Musical tastes!


Themed Blues room tuned for Blues music..
Attached to this Custom Cinema was a Blues room for our customer a Blues guitarist

The Gravity Concept

Using Immersive 360 Experience techniques we have devised..




This is the ultimate sensory assault using the very best products in the world.

From design to implementation through to fantastic aesthetics and expert setup this can be an environment like no other

The absolute ultimate in Cinema,Entertainment,Media or Gaming will be assured.

Each environment will have the very latest and greatest technology and requisite customisation necessary for your space.

It will be unique to YOU..


Immersive 360 Experience

How The West Was Won (1962)-Cinerama.
How The West Was Won 1962-Cinerama

Immersive 360 is a new total system and setup using Cinema Pedigree Ideology that features the latest audio codecs (Dts X,Auro 3D,Dolby Atmos) with THX specified equipment to achieve the most realistic sound you have ever heard & felt.

Coupled with a giant 2.35.1 ratio screen,the aim is a return to the Cinerama days whereby you feel part of the Movie!

Building on IMAX principles as well,the setup uses video dynamic depth techniques to create an almost holographic experience!


How The West Was Won (1962)-Cinerama.
How The West Was Won 1962-Cinerama