Franco Serblin Accordo

Franco Serblin.


Franco Serblin was born in 1939 and sadly passed away in 2013 but as a keen audiophile and entrepreneur was best known for forming Sonus Faber in 1983 and creating many stunning speaker designs which were always considered beautiful in design but also extremely musical and natural in presentation.

In 2006, after 33 years at Sonus Faber, he left to pursue starting a speaker company in his own name designing even more beautiful speakers which take you straight to the heart of the emotion of music.

The Accordo can be seen as an evolution from his greatest success at Sonus Faber-the Guarneri-one of the greatest speakers ever made.

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The beauty of limitations: how to surpass with a small speaker the evocative ability of a big one. To miniaturise in order to expand: leaving mass, encumbrance and, of course, frequency range to gain air and immediacy. A renunciation that is, in actuality, an achievement.

The support stand is a fundamental element for aesthetic and functional balance, it also includes the crossover, freeing the acoustical chamber from its presence; a definitive solution to avoiding potential interference with the drivers. Accordo’s stand is especially designed to encase the crossover network. he ultimate solution to avoid transducer interference.

The geometry of Accordo is a 3 way compact speaker with specular design.

Its cabinet is a super-rigid, arch-shaped solid wood structure decoupled with aluminium – magnesium parts to obtain resonance control. Handcrafted by artisan masters.

The tweeter used in Accordo avoids 29 mm transducer silk-dome interferences. Designed by Ragnar Lian, one of the greatest masters among transducer designers. An on-going project for 30 years.

Mid-woofer is a custom made, 150 mm sliced paper cone, optimized for the best control of cone break-up. Symmetrical drive motor system.

The crossover is a minimalist approach, low-order, phase coherent, finalised to achieve precise sound staging, focus and depth of image using selected premium parts.

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Franco Serblin