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Home Automation

Home Control with Projectiondreams is simplicity personified for our customers,just tell us what you would like your system to control and in how many areas you would like that control-we will do the rest.

Using established brands like Crestron and URC -whether whole house control or just controlling your Audio video system with an IPAD the integration will be seamless,the install painless.


Why is Crestron better than Control4?


The most requested elements for us to install/control are;-

Control your home easily

Crestron Home


Home Automation simplifies security as it allows Cameras,security lighting, electronic shutters and video entry systems with individual code access to be integrated onto a tablet/touch panel or ipad.
Projectiondreams can design and install Security Camera systems with Infra red motion detection to trigger security alerts by email,DVR recording,internal or external lighting sequences to activate,electronic shutters/gates to lock.
We can also program sequences so that from anywhere in the world you can activate lighting/HVAC/heating in preperation for a visit.
With Projectiondreams the only person who knows your not at home is you.


Smart Lighting with Vitrum
Smart Lighting with Vitrum

Projectiondreams are the first in Europe to install fibre optics in walls in a custom cinema as well as implementing sophisticated lighting sequences with LEDs and building custom fibre optic star ceilings..
Have all your lights come on at a pre determined time-or go off,have your lighting solution throughout the house, be as sophisticated as you would like in the knowledge that operation will be seamless and simple.
An oft overlooked aspect of a new build,carefully considered lighting can make a property or indeed spruce up an older property not only internally but externally.
Imagine a custom ceiling,painted to look like a sunset with gentle lighting to highlight areas of the mural tied into a *sunset hue* designed to wash the pool area in a *sunset* mode?
Imagine a star ceiling in your bathroom where you can relax in a bath with the main lights off and and listen to some relaxing music?
The possibilities are endless!

Audio Visual

Different A.V. zones on a URC controller.
Different AV zones on a URC controller

One remote to rule them all!

In a single room consolidate all controllers into one with a total Control system, with this the kit can be hidden away and controlled by something as stylish as an iPad. As our Total Control system uses both the wired and Wifi network it can be controlled from anywhere in the house, great if you’ve forgotten to turn the Cinema system off but have already gone to bed. Add two-way communication to this system and you really have both power and control combined.

SYSTEM ON is all you need to press-lights dim,equipment turns on to optimum settings,HVAC turns on at a pre programmed temp and your favourite movies appear on your display or screen!
Due to Projectiondreams unique ideology,we can even pre program optimum settings for different sources to default to when selected.

Simplicity of Operation


Climate control with URC.
Climate control with URC

We can program HVAC or Heating systems to turn on/off at pre determined times at a certain temp. or indeed as part of a sequence.
We can install and hide whole house climate systems-in the Stargate Cinema we have hidden a whole house industrial climate system in the ceiling with a hidden access hatch behind a false panel in the foyer.
We have even devised our own unique climate solutions to resolve problems that Air Con companies could not!

Climate control with URC.
Climate control with URC

Shutters & Blinds

The better electric shutters and blinds have Somfy motors-any such device with a Somfy motor can be controlled!

Awaken to the sun with a pre programmed blind rise system