Pedigree Renovations-Keep The Charm!

For Developers/Clients, it is key to include cost effective Audio Visual Environments and Home Control to optimise the property correctly and ensure you are buying a 21st century electronic solution.

Its a great investment for the future as astute buyers presented with many choices,tend to select the property that offers most value..and most toys.

A Fantastic Cinema/Entertainment area if correctly implemented,can sell a property on its own.

We provide uniquety and the enhanced lifestyle that a simple control system could offer.

We also advise to consider outside entertainment,which though a developing market in Europe is the norm in the U.S.

Projectiondreams advise that a minimum of 5% of the cost of build be allocated to Entertainment budget on properties above 1 million Euros and 7-8% on properties above 3 million.

Going one step further,we can totally renovate your villa/Quinta to include the above and/or exterior gardens,Lighting,Security,Video Entry,Pool systems,underfloor heating..etc….all controllable from an IPAD.

We particularly specialize in the conversion of pre 1950 properties to include this new technology where most builders prefer to knock down and start again completely destroying the originality and charm of the property.

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Casa Atlantis Project Journey
CASA ATLANTIS in process

Pedigree Interiors-We work your way.

Projectiondreams has their own Aesthetic division and furniture factory..all our items are custom built.

From the beginning we ensure that the design has sound Audio Video principles as well as great aesthetic.

Incorporating hidden systems,designer products and skillful selection of products-even down to the colour,we truly believe in Audio Video Interiors.

With Projectiondreams,we understand that technology and it`s deployment should never interfere with the aesthetic beauty of the interior design.
Interior Design Meets AV

Project Management-Don`t worry,be happy!

Gone are the days of a customer having to assemble numerous companies and try and understand/manage-and typically dispute resolve- those differing relationships and true remits.

We can project manage the entire development of a property!

We are the only company in Portugal with both the project management skills and Audio video knowledge to offer this.

At the beginning of a project,our M.D who also has 15 years of commercial project management will discuss with the customer both essential and desirable elements to produce an incredibly unique 21st century solution.

With the right blend of the necessary and innovative,the customer/developer gains an incredible advantage in overall project credability for themselves and their possible future buyers perception.

A solution for the discerning!

Once agreed,everything else is handled by Projectiondreams.

This way,the correct disciplines are handled/managed within an agreed time frame by those with the best knowledge.

The upshot is fantastic value and peace of mind for customer.

Contact us regards specific requirements you may have.

We have the experience in large commercial builds

One Company-No Seperatism

In the past it was normal to hire one company to do the acoustics,one for the equipment,one for the home control and so on..this meant inflated costs,little compatability and arguments between companies on areas of responsability if there was an issue.
Unfortunately,things had to be done this way because no one company had all the skillsets onboard to tackle all the disciplines.
This is not the case with Projectiondreams,all these disciplines are covered by us ensuring cost effectivety/synergy and one phone call in the event of an issue.


To Boldly Go Where No AV Company Has Been Before

The Latest & Greatest-Staying Aware!

Remember IF you have bought a system more than 4 years ago-then the kit will unlikley be full hd or 3d capable. Certainly not 4K.

We have great upgrade packages for existing clients.


The minimum one should have nowwith

Maintenance Contracts-Don`t Overlook..

An oft-overlooked element.
Most equipment fails outside of the warranty period leaving the customer without recourse.
Projectiondreams provide maintenance contracts to tackle ANY problem outside of the warranty period as well as offering 6 monthly tune up visits.
Ask about our packages.


If We Build ItWe Will Come

Current Equipment Policy

On ANY Projectiondreams proposal we realise that often that project may not start for some months after Proposal acceptance.

For our customers we have a “Current Equipment Policy”..which ensures that IF by the time of install there has been a new item released of equivalent value as the previous model,we shall automatically substitute.
This ensures our customers always have the “Latest & Greatest” and not last years revision.

If the replacement exceeds proposal unit cost we shall notify the customer or indeed give them a further discount on the older model.