Home Networks

Devolo Magic 2
Devolo Magic 2

This is a must. It is usually wired in Cat7 and this allows data to be streamed throughout the house at incredible speeds . Believe us when we say that the technology just isn’t there yet to do everything you want wireless. Wifi is excellent for sending commands from controllers, browsing webpages and can handle compressed audio but for High-definition video ALWAYS stick to a hard-wired solution.
Most new houses have a wired network as standard and in older homes, even though it can be a messy business, post-fitting one is worth it in the long run. A whole-house wired Ethernet network with good wifi coverage allows everything below to become a possibility.
We are unique in offering Intel360 Sub Network to create networks within networks.

We have realized the growing importance of Network infra structure in new builds now and indeed the addition of a capable Network system for retro fit..not only now but in the future the capability of a system will depend on bandwidth to a great extent and the calculation of devices to be used equitable to bandwidth requirement is critical. Our Network division starts with some incredibly talented individuals with great PT Network and telecommunications knowledge and affiliations,server rack specialisation and Wi Fi internal Network expertise. With all requisite industry qualifications the appropriate Network System can be specified for our clients.

Of course this division will also have the necessary training with Projectiondreams solutions for Multi room/HD based T/IPTV/Bitwise etc.

Marine and Aviation Audio Video

Wherever you go quality Audio Video goes with you!
Wherever you go quality Audio Video goes with you


The opportunities for enjoyment on a luxury yacht are seemingly limitless. A refreshing swim before breakfast or curling up in the sun with a good book. The thrill and excitement of learning a new watersport, or abandoning yourself to an afternoon massage. Gourmet cuisine set against an ever-changing backdrop of stunning destinations.

The list of options doesn’t end there. Make the most of your down time and take advantage of the comprehensive entertainment systems we can offer for your yacht. Many yachts feature big screens and great sound systems
Using sophisticated Automation-even down to fingerprint access,we ensure your space is fully prepared with the most cutting edge Audio visual solutions.
Whether charter or private,a superb cinema can be the finishing-quality-touch!


Fantastic Audio Video interiors can be created even on private jets-the sky is NOT the limit!

We put the high tech cinema experience on a plane including acoustical considerations, user-friendly operation and optimum performance. We use specialist A/V power management solutions designed for private aircraft to improve onboard A/V performance. Our products can be installed on aircraft as part of a complete Skytheater system.

The performance of high-end audio/visual systems can suffer because an aircraft’s power supply is not designed to feed sensitive and demanding A/V equipment. Our products offer surge protection and remove “noise” from the system that can negatively impact audio and video for a richer A/V experience.

Wherever you go quality Audio Video goes with you!
A Custom Cinema wherever you sail

Hidden Rooms

Hide and seek?
Hide and seek

The ultimate security addition! Whether above ground or below ground our safe rooms can be designed to suit your needs.


Constructed from steel and concrete,these rooms can be inpeneterable and completely independant of the property in terms of phone and network infra structure.

Hidden behind custom cabinetry,false walls or even in the garden with a tunnel evac system connected to an internal room,each room is custom designed and built to exceed current building standards,your security is assured.

Hide and seek?
A Hidden room can be anywhere

Entertainment Rooms

Hand built with chrome and real
Hand built with chrome and real

Custom Jukeboxs,Cine Lounges with hidden systems,custom built sofas and bars with superb Audio Video-what about a lift down to your Entertainment basement complete with Gym? Its all possible!

The Entertainment Basement Project Journey

Hand built with chrome and real
A Modern quotCine Loungequot exampleclean and simple but with quality sound amp vision

Multiroom Audio & Video

Denon HEOS Multi Room Audio!
Denon HEOS Multi Room Audio

From a central location, be it Cinema room or Lounge, a Media server system can play,download and distribute your digital media. Add your own Blu-rays or choose from over 10,000 Movies! Access from anywhere in the world via a zone player.
This includes 4K video, Dolby Atmos,DTS X.
Now 3D capable.

In addition we use the fantastic Denon HEOS multiroom wireless audio system for those that just want music.

Outside Living

Projectiondreams are the masters of outdoor Living!
Projectiondreams are the masters of outdoor Living

Pool Lighting,outside t.v.s,External Audio,Electronic pool covers,Irrigation can all be controlled from an external touch panel or ipad..Imagine relaxing in the pool and turning on the outdoor t.v. to watch a movie?..Or..turning on some relaxing music to swim to..

Projectiondreams are the masters of outdoor Living!
Let us enhance your outside living

Lift Systems

Are you ready to take the trip to the Entertainment Basement?
Are you ready to take the trip to the Entertainment Basement

Internal lifts have now become incredibly cost effective with mechanisms taking up an incredibly small footprint now-designed into the fabric of a building from the onset its all about good planning thats all!

Are you ready to take the trip to the Entertainment Basement?
Beautiful interiors to match your home

Luxury & Motion

Hidden Car System
Hidden Car System

Projectiondreams are partnered with the largest hydraulic company in Europe.

How about a Wine Cellar that rises out of the floor,a platform that submerges a car into an underground garage? Or a Lounge that transforms into a Cinema?

Anything can be moved,transformed or hidden,the only limit is your imagination!

Hidden Car System
Hidden Wine Cellar